Sunday, 17 September 2017

Packed like Sardines - Launch party of "Fish & Ships" at The Amberley Inn

A large crowd  of visitors enjoyed the launch party last week  at The Amberley Inn of Diane Young's acrylic paintings and my own stamp collages in our exhibition entitled, "Fish & Ships".

Sardines - Stamp Collage by Rachel Markwick
Sedna - Acrylic  by Diane Young
 As well as Fish collages and paintings by both artists, and collages by Rachel, featiuring many types of ships,   on show in the main dining room, there are also animal and bird paintings by Diane,  and a heart, a Union Jack and Stonehenge landscape stamp collage  by Rachel displayed in other downstairs public areas of the hotel.

The Amberley Inn, Culver Hill, Amberley, GL5 5AF (01453 872565) is located in stunning surroundings between Stroud and Nailsworth near Minchinhampton common and is a great place to stay, dine, and explore the wonderful local countryside. You are welcome to call in any time and the exhibition runs until 30th October 2017. If travelling from a distance, it would be advisable to check times just in case there is another event in the dining room.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Japanese Watercolours - sale of work by Katsumi Harada in Chippenham

When we decided to go to Japan on holiday almost two years ago, I wanted to try and learn a few basic phrases in Japanese, and was very lucky to find an amazing teacher, Junko Lake, who has become a very good friend as well as continuing to teach me!  We've had some wonderful times together, and recently visited the Hokusai Exhibition at the British museum.  I learned that her late father, Katsumi Harada was a very talented artist too. She has many of his beautiful watercolour paintings which I have also seen and admired. Unable to keep all of them, as there are very many, Junko is having a sale of some of these small pictures shortly, on two separate dates.  She hopes that others will appreciate the beauty of his work and that his name will live on in this way!

Here are the details of the forthcoming sales in Chippenham:

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Fish & Ships at The Amberley Inn - 1st September until 30th October 2017

Our exhibition, "Fish and Ships"  can now be seen in the main Dining Room of  The Amberley Inn, Culver Hill, Amberley, GL5 5AF Gloucestershire - tel: 01453 872565.
We have used this  catchy title as there are many  pictures of both Ships and Fish in some form or another, but there are other subjects too including animals, birds,  and hearts, and in the "snug" and on the stairs you will find a few more of Diane's acrylics, together with Rachel's large Union Jack shown below and a large collage of Stonehenge! Something for everyone! Do call in! Cards by both artists are also available to purchase in The Amberley Inn now!   Diane's work can also be seen on and Rachel's on

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Going round in circles - a recent commission for a stamp collage picture

I recently received a commission with just a few basic guidelines but leaving the final design to me! The recipient is a lady who loves designs featuring  circles and also loves bright colours including red and orange. I had fun with my compass playing around with circles of various sizes and then choosing stamps to fit my colour scheme! Remembering the Cosmati mosaic floors I'd seen in ancient churches in Rome, I found my holiday photos and printed out examples from those in San Giovanni Laterano, Santa Maria Cosmedin and Santa Maria in Trastevere.

Stamps lend themselves to this type of mosaic pattern and I was soon enjoying putting together the design using stamps from Belgium, France, Spain in various shades of red and orange, as well as British stamps for the grey marble - postal labels which I have also found to be useful in creating the sails on one of my recent ships! It's great to be able to find another use for this type of stamp which most people will just discard.  Not me of course!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Tall Ships

The first stamp collages I ever made featured ships and this has remained a favourite subject for me!
My website includes a ship category, showing collages currently available, as well as an archived section showing others which have been sold and now reside in many locations around the USA, Italy, UK and Singapore.  I'm always on the look out for new inspiration and the Tall Ships Festival in Gloucester Docks, provided much food for thought!
We were lucky to be able to board La Malouine,a magnificent Brig, built in Gdansk, Poland in 1972.
and also to see her sister ship Lady of Avanel which appeared in Disney's 2016 film, "Through the Looking Glass", filmed in Gloucester Docks.

The attractive Cornish Lugger, White Heather,  was also moored nearby, and we were able to walk around on deck. Built in 1926, she has recently sailed to Morocco and Brazil returning to Britain via the Caribbean. 
With her  turquoise, black and white paintwork, she is almost sure to be one I will just have to use as a subject for a picture!  Check out my website in a while .. I hope to add some new ships before too long!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Open Studios Stroud - my studio in Bisley Road open on both week-ends 6-7 and 13-14 MAY

With a working studio comes a lot of mess and general untidiness and I always feel I have to sort it all out in readiness to open to the public on the Open Studios week-ends! And this is about as good as it gets!  Those in charge always say "People like to see it how it is"! but they wouldn't get through the door if I left it exactly as it usually is!  I've been busy hanging framed original stamp collages, prints and  canvas prints. Full details of access to my studio appear in the Open Studios brochure  on page 31  and mine  is listed as venue no 21. The Lawn, 132 Bisley road, Stroud, GL5 1HL .  Please park in the main part of Bisley road as we are on a narrow lane with no additional parking places. It's short, picturesque walk along and only takes a few minutes! Black and yellow signs point the way!

Saturday, 22 April 2017

My studio in Stroud will be open during Open Studios week-ends 6-7 and 13-14 May 2017

I'm looking forward to welcoming  visitors from near and far to my studio in Bisley Road, Stroud, open from 10.30 - 6 pm on both week-ends. The unmade road leading to my studio has no parking places, so please park in the main Bisley Road, near the cemetery lodge and walk the short distance along. Those who have been before will be pleased to know that this  rather rough road has recently been levelled off  slightly and potholes filled in to make walking along a little easier!

The brochure for Stroud Open Studios is now available in many local outlets as well those further afield in events venues, shops and museums, coffee shops, pubs and hotels  as well as online via   the following link

My studio is on Page 31 Venue No 21