Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Union Jacks of all sorts make a great Christmas Gift

Union Jack - Big LOVE version

The Union Jack is such a wonderful flag and I've enjoyed making several different versions with stamps for several years now.  They are very popular to give as a gift at any time of year, but if you are looking for a special Christmas gift look no further!   I'm happy to say that they have travelled the world too and been purchased by people in USA, Canada, Denmark and Australia either as canvas prints or giclee prints and in sizes from A3 to larger than A1! I've also been asked to customise them by including  particular stamps which have a special meaning for the recipient.  You can see other versions of the Union Jack as well as flags from many other nations, made with the stamps of those countries on www.rachelmarkwick.co.uk - see the  FLAGS  page.

Union Jack - Beatles Version

Union Jack with Queen Elizabeth II
This one has a smaller LOVE stamp in the centre 
LOVE - England Winners

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Article in local papers to promote the Longfield Big Heart Charity auction

Thanks to Sally Bailey, on behalf of Longfield for getting in touch and interviewing me , and producing this lovely article which features in the colour magazines of this week end's  Gloucester Citizen, Gloucester Echo and Western Daily Press,  covering several counties.
I donated this original Heart stamp collage, now framed,  as I felt it was appropriate for the Big Heart Charity auction which is now live on Ebay and will finish on Thursday evening 30th November . More than 250 pieces of work have been donated by  professional and amateur artists and celebrities and will help to raise money for art therapy  at Longfield's Minchinhampton centre.  Visit
www,Longfield.org.uk and click on Big Heart 2017.
The article in full is below:

Friday, 24 November 2017

Brighten up your post! A little slower than e mail but it's lovely to receive a real letter or postcard.

Having joined in the wonderful activity of  Postcrossing.com a few years ago, which anyone can join for free,  instead of just boring brown envelopes,  I now frequently  receive  mail like this from all parts of the world and have gained some lovely regular penfriends :

I decided to get started with writing some letters to many of my overseas friends before the Christmas rush starts, and chose some pretty stamps and decorations to add to the envelopes, so my pile of post looked like this:

You don't have to stick (excuse the pun!) to the small definitive stamps to put on your letters, ask at the post office for Commemoratives (the ones with a picture of an event or historical reference.  which will always make your post look far more interesting! Zoom in on this image to see the latest stamps issued including the toys and children's story books, windmills etc.  And you can pick up interesting cards anywhere you go, and can often also find them very cheaply in Charity shops.  

Monday, 13 November 2017

Australian flag stamp collage going down under ... to the tune of Waltzing Matilda

Folklore stamps issued in 1980
My Australian stamp collage flag is bound for Australia, as a canvas print, along with three other national flag canvases.   I had great fun making this one using Australian stamps predominantly in shades of blue and red to replicate the flag, and enjoyed  including a set of 5 22c stamps issued in 1980  featuring verses fromWaltzing Matilda. This famous  song was written  by the  Australian poet Banjo Patterson and these stamps were designed by Richard Bates. You all know the words, so singl along!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A Patchwork Quilt Presented to a Stamp Collecting US President and my Stamp Collage version

Franklin D Roosevelt's Postage Stamp Quilt inspired this stamp collage piece.

Back in the 1930s, a very special quilt was made by an African American,Estella Weaver Nukes, as a gift to President Franklin D Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. Estella was a talented quilter and knew of FDR's love of Stamp Collecting so, with a team of helpers, made a huge bed cover using postage stamp sized cotton pieces.    I read about this in Kyra Hicks' book "Franklin Roosevelt's Postage Stamp Quilt" and having received a parcel of stamps from the USA containing many 6c stamps with FDRs portrait, was inspired to use these and other US stamps to make a stamp collage version!  It's a large picture and I don't often have occasion to display it easily, but it can now be seen in my latest exhibition at The Vault, George Street, Nailsworth  until 30th December 2017.  Together with Diane Young I'm  exhibiting a variety of work: Stamp Collages with subjects ranging from Flags, landscape, hearts, flowers and Quilts, and Diane is showing acrylic paintings including birds, animals, and fables. (www.dianeyoungartist.com)  The Vault is open from 12 noon until 11 pm every day.

Monday, 30 October 2017

The colours of Morocco - Mixing Pigments

By way of a change I spent a pleasant afternoon recently making some of my own oil paint from pigments purchased in a fascinating store in Marrakech.
 I'd visited the colourful Majorelle gardens where the walls  are painted in the glorious colour known as Majorelle Blue, and the pots containing cacti and other exotic plants are  in vibrant shades of red and yellow.
 I wish now that I had bought more bags of pigment but I chose these three colours only.  An online tutorial instructed me how to mix linseed oil and pigment together on a sheet of glass, combining these carefully to eliminate any air, and this took roughly half an hour.  I used the three colours to produce some small pictures of my memories of the Majorelle gardens.
 I also purchased some empty aluminium paint tubes from Jackson's Art Supplies and mix the remaining pigments to keep for future  use. 

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Packed like Sardines - Launch party of "Fish & Ships" at The Amberley Inn

A large crowd  of visitors enjoyed the launch party last week  at The Amberley Inn of Diane Young's acrylic paintings and my own stamp collages in our exhibition entitled, "Fish & Ships".

Sardines - Stamp Collage by Rachel Markwick
Sedna - Acrylic  by Diane Young
 As well as Fish collages and paintings by both artists, and collages by Rachel, featiuring many types of ships,   on show in the main dining room, there are also animal and bird paintings by Diane,  and a heart, a Union Jack and Stonehenge landscape stamp collage  by Rachel displayed in other downstairs public areas of the hotel.

The Amberley Inn, Culver Hill, Amberley, GL5 5AF (01453 872565) is located in stunning surroundings between Stroud and Nailsworth near Minchinhampton common and is a great place to stay, dine, and explore the wonderful local countryside. You are welcome to call in any time and the exhibition runs until 30th October 2017. If travelling from a distance, it would be advisable to check times just in case there is another event in the dining room.